Road Trip! Make the Most of Your Time with Family

road trip 2

Fall break is here, school is out, and you might be listening to the sound of your little (or not so little) ones in the back seat on the way to a vacation destination. When I’m steering our vehicle down the interstate with our four children, I have flashbacks to when I was young, wondering […]

Staying Home for Fall Break?


I know, it seems like the kids just went back to school but it’s already time for Fall Break. So now, what are parents to do with a week full of time and children on their hands? Well, that may depend on the ages of your kids, but I’ve listed a few ideas below to help […]

Keeping Alive Those Who Have Passed

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It’s just another day on the calendar for most people, but for me July 31st will always be thought of as Daddy’s birthday!  Since experiencing the loss of my dad ten years ago, I’m realizing how the celebration of one’s life goes well beyond that person’s lifetime. It never just ends with their memorial service. […]

When the Child Becomes the Parent: A Look at Caregiving

Portrait of tender mother daughter moment

When you’re a child, you think of your parents as old—but not so old they cannot take care of themselves. This is why my four siblings and I never thought about this day coming when our sister, Celeste, the youngest of five children would become the caregiver of our mom who is now seventy-eight-years-old and extremely frail. […]

Why Does My Teen Need So Much Sleep? (part 2/2)

teen sleep at desk

In part 1 of this series, we discovered that teens really do need a lot of sleep to keep up with their growing bodies. A lot of changes are happening in them during this time of development—physically and emotionally—all requiring many hours of snooze time. In order for teens to get the sleep they really […]

Why Does My Teen Need So Much Sleep? (Part 1/2)

teen sleep at desk

I can still hear my mom calling down the hallway to me during my early school years, “Time for bed, you need your sleep!”  Only now, as a mother myself, do I understand the huge importance of sleep for children, and adults. Newborn babies seem to sleep the days away, but as our precious kids […]

Seeing the Up- and Downside of Social Media Use with Teens


There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about teens and their use of smartphones and social media. Most of us have heard horror stories about cyberbullying, “sexting,” and other risky online behaviors. For parents, this information can feel overwhelming. How do we compete with the powerful lure of “likes” on social […]

The Homeschool Decision

homeschool mom with two kids

The question of whether or not to homeschool your children is one that brings a lot of debate in many circles. It is certainly not for everyone, and also not an option for many. But for some, it’s their “best yes” when it comes to making academic choices for their children. I absolutely do not […]

Getting a Grip on School Time Anxiety

A teenage boy crying

Anxiety. The word alone can bring to surface intense apprehension, feeling “on edge,” and overall worry. Add to it the thought of heading back to school with extraordinary pressures from teachers, peers, and homework deadlines. It’s no wonder many kids literally freak out when school begins each fall! Often, the word anxiety is used flippantly […]

Five Small Shifts in Your Home That Will Make a Big Difference

kids texting back to back

If you are hoping for growth in more than vocabulary and math this new school year for your children and teens, here are five areas to consider where little shifts will create big differences. Car rides.   Conversations may normally happen face-to-face, but if you really want to get the words flowing, drive your kids/teens somewhere […]