How to Love Beyond a Big Box of Chocolates

choc 2

I grew up in a small farm town. Life was simple, uncomplicated, and sometimes magical. Valentine’s Day was one of those holidays when there was magic in the air, maybe it was the hope of love in the air. One of my favorite memories was of the huge heart display that appeared every year in […]

How to determine the status of your relationship


There are hundreds of relationship and marriage satisfaction surveys online. Each an opportunity to answer a list of questions that will tell you where you are with the one you love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of these tools to help us better understand our marriages, but I am a realist who has […]

Teaching Kids About This Thing Called Love


Regardless of the not-so-realistic gush we see on TV, there is something to this thing called love! In fact, the Bible mentions ‘love’ close to 500 times. No wonder this topic is so important to the Creator of love; we read in 1 John 4:8 that God is love! And in John 3:16 we’re reminded […]

How to Speak Your Child’s Love Language (of quality time)


How do you know when someone loves you? Is it with their sweet touch of affection? Perhaps the gifts they lavish on you? Or maybe it’s through their daily words of encouragement. Did you realize everyone has certain ways they are more apt to give and receive love? For some individuals—including many children—love is recognized in the form […]

Stress and Parenting

parenting stress

Stress invades our lives. Parenting magnifies it. Single parenting makes it enormous. I had the opportunity to be a guest with Robert Beeson and Kimberly Mitchell on the Solo Parent Society podcast. We talk about the stress of raising children & teenagers on your own, along with practical steps to take for survival. These stress busting […]

6 Easy Super Bowl Snacks That Win Big with Kids!


Spending time with your family can be a challenge, especially during the fall/winter sports season. But, making the effort to get the whole family together for fun over the weekend is definitely worth it! Think about this Sunday’s Super Bowl event, for example. You may or may not be an avid football fan. But watching […]

Therapist Spotlight with Rhonda D’Imperio, Phd

Rhonda D'Imperio

Today’s Therapist Spotlight is with Rhonda D’Imperio, PhD. Dr. D’Imperio joined the Babb Center for Counseling team over 12 years ago. She provides counseling and psychological assessment for children, adolescents, adults and families. Rhonda’s special areas of interest include: depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, grief counseling, ADHD and learning disorders, and autism and Asperger’s disorder. Rhonda’s approach to […]

Ease Up Difficult Communication with Your Teen This Year

teen girl fingers in ears

In our generation of cell phones, text messages, and conversations on screen—communication has never been so easy. If you need an answer to any given question, Google® it! Want to talk with a family member, but not get tied up on a long phone call? Text them! Want to play music hands-free throughout your home? […]

Safety and your family: Does everyone know the plan for when crisis happens?

teenage boy walking school hallway

Considering the tragic shootings at schools, concerts, and other public venues all over the news…answer this question: What will my children (or teenagers) do if crisis strikes?  I don’t know if the family crisis plan you’ve prepared came to mind, but more than likely it did not. Go ahead and let the guilt move on because you […]

How to Experience More Joy In Your Job This Year

Successful business woman

Returning to work after an extended holiday break can be rough, even for the most loyal employee. But the day-to-day “clocking in” can be daunting as well for those who simply don’t enjoy their line of work or place of employment. What can be done to remedy this sad situation? 3 simple tips to experience […]