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The Homeschool Decision

homeschool mom with two kids

The question of whether or not to homeschool your children is one that brings a lot of debate in many circles. It is certainly not for everyone, and also not an option for many. But for some, it’s their “best yes” when it comes to making academic choices for their children. I absolutely do not […]

Faith At Home: How to Calm Your Child-rearing Anxiety


Parenting is a challenge—no doubt! Many of us start trying to make decisions for our child’s welfare before they’re even born. Especially as new parents, we want to make best choices for their upbringing and decisions in life. This naturally brings about many questions as they’re growing up, such as: Should my preschooler attend day […]

Motivating children and teenagers


One of the difficult parts of parenting we all face is knowing what to do when your child is doing too much of one thing or not enough of another. Part of this struggle centers around their motivation. In my work, I spend a lot of time with parents talking through ways to motivate your […]