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Blending Families | Our Experience  

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Peter’s Perspective: When Deb and I married in 1995, minimal thought was given to the fact we were blending two families. Deb had been married to Al and was co-parenting two sons.  I had been married to Sue and was co-parenting a son and a daughter. Deb and I married because we were in love, […]

Raising teenagers: Lessons from a Parent


Raising teenagers is one of those life experiences that can be both challenging and exciting at the same time.  It has been my privilege to raise two biological children and two stepsons (twin brothers God brought into my life when they were young teenagers) to adulthood.  Looking back, I can honestly say I enjoyed interacting and […]

Reflecting on Grief, from My Own Experience


My father passed away recently after he sustained a tragic injury from a fall.  Although he was 83 and had lived a good life, his death was difficult partially because it was unexpected.  As a therapist I have ministered to numerous individuals who lost loved ones.  My clients and my own experience with losing two […]