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Ease Up Difficult Communication with Your Teen This Year

teen girl fingers in ears

In our generation of cell phones, text messages, and conversations on screen—communication has never been so easy. If you need an answer to any given question, Google® it! Want to talk with a family member, but not get tied up on a long phone call? Text them! Want to play music hands-free throughout your home? […]

Breathe In Thankfulness. Breathe Out Stress.

breathe eyes closed female

Life gets busy, bills pile up, schedules seem endless, and there are never enough hours in the day. Stress starts to build and the tiny, insignificant things suddenly become substantial and earth-shattering in our thoughts and feelings. When stress increases and life becomes overwhelming we often ask ourselves questions like, “When will this all slow […]

Getting a Grip on School Time Anxiety

A teenage boy crying

Anxiety. The word alone can bring to surface intense apprehension, feeling “on edge,” and overall worry. Add to it the thought of heading back to school with extraordinary pressures from teachers, peers, and homework deadlines. It’s no wonder many kids literally freak out when school begins each fall! Often, the word anxiety is used flippantly […]

Anxiety In Children


Fearful, timid, uneasy, and panicked are words we don’t normally associate with childhood. Instead, we think of a child’s characteristics as fun-loving, peaceful, and brave. Every child goes through various stages in life where they explore, grow, and develop into who they are supposed to be. During this time, children are learning about themselves—their likes […]