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Relationship Rescue Tips for the New Year Ahead

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Relationships can bring great joy or much heartache depending on our interactions. The start of a new year is a great time to renew commitments for improving, or tweaking, the way we navigate connections with those closest to us. It’s a fact that relationships can be complex! However, there are a few simple principles for […]

Trouble Sleeping? Try Counting Your Blessings!

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How do you most often think about thankfulness? Around this time of year, we often have images of families giving thanks around a big meal being served. It’s an image of peace and connection with our families, which is a great thing! But I want to suggest a non-traditional approach to a practice in gratitude […]

Fixing the Faults of Perfectionism


Are you someone known for nitpicking details to death before others see the end product? Do you cringe when you think your product (birthday cake, office or home decor, presentation at work, etc..) is not absolutely perfect? If so, you may be suffering from perfectionistic tendencies. What exactly is perfectionism? Perfectionism is a common term […]

What is an Intensive?


Joan Bruce, LMFT discusses what is an intensive. She and Kay Arnold, LPC, NCC will be leading a series of Daring Way Intensives this spring. Click here to access our events page to find out the next one offered.