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Staying Home for Fall Break?


I know, it seems like the kids just went back to school but it’s already time for Fall Break. So now, what are parents to do with a week full of time and children on their hands? Well, that may depend on the ages of your kids, but I’ve listed a few ideas below to help […]

Keeping Alive Those Who Have Passed

photo girls

It’s just another day on the calendar for most people, but for me July 31st will always be thought of as Daddy’s birthday!  Since experiencing the loss of my dad ten years ago, I’m realizing how the celebration of one’s life goes well beyond that person’s lifetime. It never just ends with their memorial service. […]

When the Child Becomes the Parent: A Look at Caregiving

Portrait of tender mother daughter moment

When you’re a child, you think of your parents as old—but not so old they cannot take care of themselves. This is why my four siblings and I never thought about this day coming when our sister, Celeste, the youngest of five children would become the caregiver of our mom who is now seventy-eight-years-old and extremely frail. […]

How to Talk with Your Kids About Sex

sex talk

It’s that question parents universally dread hearing from their child’s mouth, “Mommy, what’s sex?” From the back seat of my car this inquiry sounded loud and clear from my five-year-old son’s mouth. At the time, we were driving toward his school that morning when he decided it was the perfect time to get his question […]

How to Stay Connected While Working [Alone] from Home

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Think about this work situation: The commute is a mere thirty feet to your destination. You have your own private garage to park in. The dress code is of your choosing—yoga pants, t-shirts, or even a robe and house slippers! Also, you can take lunch breaks anytime, anywhere, and for any length of your choosing. Sound like […]

Healthy Homes Aren’t Just about Food

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Have you thought about leading your household to better health—beyond the gym? As we all know, diet plans come and go. Some work while others provide quick fixes that are soon forgotten. You may have heard the saying: “It won’t stick until it becomes a lifestyle.” So it is with eating and exercise. But what […]

Dads Do Things Differently!

Happy father and his adorable little daughter at tropical beach having fun

“Throw me in the air again, Daddy!” You may remember making similar requests of your dad as you were growing up. There’s little argument that most dads interact differently than moms do with their children. Some of this relational time is through play; other is through communication efforts. But one thing stands out—dads do about […]

Faith at Home: Calming Children in a Scary World

fearful in pillows

Think of a recent dreadful event that made headline news. What was your initial response to it? Did it create a sense of fear and hopelessness in you? Did it make you afraid to continue your normal daily processes—wondering if something bad would happen to you or your family members? Unfortunately, children often experience similar […]

The Impact of a Spiritual Legacy

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Dads, do you ever think of the legacy you’ll one day leave with your children? The word “inheritance” is usually associated with material possessions, but there is another kind of legacy that’s even more valuable. Although it can’t be seen, counted, or measured, a spiritual inheritance is the most priceless gift you can pass on […]

The “It” Factor

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When did you become acquainted with our friend, “It?”  For me, it was sometime during college. It tends to linger in our thoughts for days, months, perhaps years. Long lines of traffic are the perfect time to think about it. Other days, it may sneak up on you during family conversations around the table. Regardless of the setting, […]