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Teaching Kids About This Thing Called Love


Regardless of the not-so-realistic gush we see on TV, there is something to this thing called love! In fact, the Bible mentions ‘love’ close to 500 times. No wonder this topic is so important to the Creator of love; we read in 1 John 4:8 that God is love! And in John 3:16 we’re reminded […]

How to Speak Your Child’s Love Language (of quality time)


How do you know when someone loves you? Is it with their sweet touch of affection? Perhaps the gifts they lavish on you? Or maybe it’s through their daily words of encouragement. Did you realize everyone has certain ways they are more apt to give and receive love? For some individuals—including many children—love is recognized in the form […]

6 Easy Super Bowl Snacks That Win Big with Kids!


Spending time with your family can be a challenge, especially during the fall/winter sports season. But, making the effort to get the whole family together for fun over the weekend is definitely worth it! Think about this Sunday’s Super Bowl event, for example. You may or may not be an avid football fan. But watching […]

How to Experience More Joy In Your Job This Year

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Returning to work after an extended holiday break can be rough, even for the most loyal employee. But the day-to-day “clocking in” can be daunting as well for those who simply don’t enjoy their line of work or place of employment. What can be done to remedy this sad situation? 3 simple tips to experience […]

My Small Steps to Big Weight Loss

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What do you consider your biggest enemy in the battle against weight loss? Time or desire to exercise? Goodies brought to the lunch room at work? Fat-laden chips in your home pantry? I agree that all these things make healthy living a challenge! Believe me, I’ve walked a marathon in miles only to see the […]

How to Financially Survive the Holidays (on a tight budget)!

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Are you thriving or barely surviving the holidays when it comes to finances? As we finish out this Christmas season and look toward the new year, let’s consider a few questions in our planning when it comes to holiday spending for the months ahead. How much does it really take to get through the holidays for you and […]

In Memory of Mom: “Christmas Tea Ring”


My wonderful mom passed away just a few months ago, which still doesn’t seem possible. As I think about Christmastime, I can’t help but remember some of the special (sweet) ways Mom made our holidays special year after year in her home. This post is dedicated in memory of her. What’s your favorite treat when it comes to the […]

Grasping the Promises of Christmas


Despite what some people say, promises are not meant to be broken. In fact, we look to God for all truth, and He is one to always keeps His promises! What a comfort this is in a world that’s otherwise unstable in its guarantees. One example of God’s promises came to us in the form […]

Home[bound] For the Holidays?


“Home for the Holidays” is one of the best Christmas songs ever recorded. I don’t know of many other lyrics that bring such a warm and cozy feeling straight to the heart—unless, of course, you’re not going home for the holidays. Ever been there? It was the winter of 1998. I was a fairly new […]

Does Thankfulness Really Matter?


We’ve all heard the saying: “Have an attitude of gratitude!” But why bother? After all, some days we just don’t feel thankful! Besides that, can feeling grateful—or showing thankful actions toward others—cause any real beneficial impacts for anyone? A few years ago, I heard one man’s testimony that did just that! This man is like […]