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When Violence Hits Home

Dom violence female black eye

Are you close to someone who is in an abusive relationship? Do you struggle in knowing how to help them? Basic human nature is to help those who are hurting. The Bible mentions this as well in Romans 12:15 where the apostle Paul tells us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those […]

Miscarriage: Help for the Grieving (pt. 2/2)

preg loss at bench

Last week I shared my story of loss through miscarriage. My experience (both the physical and emotional part) of losing a baby gave me the passion to reach out to other women, so they are not suffering alone. Some things I personally learned through this loss: Grieving is complex  We all have heard of the stages […]

Miscarriage: My Story (pt. 1/2)

preg loss at bench

The sadness of a mother with a broken heart cannot be compared to anything. It’s a kind of sorrow that cannot be explained unless you have experienced it. I remember waking the morning after we had found out our baby had unexpectedly died in my womb, and I wailed. It came from somewhere deep inside […]

Moms Are So Uncool!

mom old hands knitting

My Mom was so uncool and I have the facts to prove it. She was older than the other kids’ moms which meant she seemed slower. She was basically a farmer. Her clothes were a mix of bargains when she found the time or energy to shop. Going to the salon was never important to […]

Lessons from Mom: Does Mothering Ever End?

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As moms, we realize early on how our parenting efforts have definite seasons; each term has a life of its own. But, does mothering ever end—even when our kids get older? When my son was an infant, he did not sleep well! Nighttime included several episodes of him crying and me getting him out of […]

Lessons Learned from Mom: Keep Your Word!

Mother and child pinky swearing, Japan

Mom’s Advice I know I’m biased in making this statement, but my mom is the best! Best cook. Best seamstress. Best listener. Best spiritual teacher. Best model of how to be a mom. She has taught me so many things over the past fifty-plus years of my life; it’s hard to narrow down just one […]

Getting Back Up: A Look at Brokenness

coyote 700

Do you remember the cartoon series The Coyote and Road Runner Show? It was always fun to watch the relentless chase between the two characters. Recently, some images from this cartoon came to my mind when I was thinking about a very difficult situation I endured several years ago. You may be wondering what’s the correlation between […]

Should I Say Something (to my child/teen)?

Mother with daughter

I had a moment recently with one of my teenagers, but not one of those heart-warming moments that you see on a Hallmark channel movie. We had to have this “convo” (aka a “conversation” for those of us over 30) because there were some patterns I was seeing her demonstrate that I wanted to address. Nothing […]

Why Pre-Marital Counseling?

engaged holding hands

Do you ever wonder why some couples have better communication skills and intimacy from day one of their marriage, while others seem to crater within the first year? Or why some of your married friends make it through difficult times better than other couples you know? According to a February 2017 article The Trends Redefining […]

Moving Forward as You Wait—Part 2


In Part 1 of this series, we looked at several life events that cause us distressful waiting periods for something to happen. Each event can either bring a great amount of worry and agitation, or joy in knowing God is working out the timing for our good. In which camp do you most often reside? […]