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Road Trip! Make the Most of Your Time with Family

road trip 2

Fall break is here, school is out, and you might be listening to the sound of your little (or not so little) ones in the back seat on the way to a vacation destination. When I’m steering our vehicle down the interstate with our four children, I have flashbacks to when I was young, wondering […]

Why Does My Teen Need So Much Sleep? (part 2/2)

teen sleep at desk

In part 1 of this series, we discovered that teens really do need a lot of sleep to keep up with their growing bodies. A lot of changes are happening in them during this time of development—physically and emotionally—all requiring many hours of snooze time. In order for teens to get the sleep they really […]

Why Does My Teen Need So Much Sleep? (Part 1/2)

teen sleep at desk

I can still hear my mom calling down the hallway to me during my early school years, “Time for bed, you need your sleep!”  Only now, as a mother myself, do I understand the huge importance of sleep for children, and adults. Newborn babies seem to sleep the days away, but as our precious kids […]

Five Small Shifts in Your Home That Will Make a Big Difference

kids texting back to back

If you are hoping for growth in more than vocabulary and math this new school year for your children and teens, here are five areas to consider where little shifts will create big differences. Car rides.   Conversations may normally happen face-to-face, but if you really want to get the words flowing, drive your kids/teens somewhere […]

Why My Kid Shouldn’t Study

parent driving child in a car

I was picking up my son from school and I could tell something was up by the way he pulled open the back door and jumped in. With all my children/teens I can always tell when something is up by the look in their eyes, but there are times when I’m not quite sure if it is […]

Faith At Home: Solving the Family Devotion Dilemma Part 2—Teens

teen legs and tennies

In our first segment called “Solving the Family Devotion Dilemma, Part 1: Younger Kids,” we looked at some age-related tips to help with your family devo time with preschoolers and elementary-aged kids. This segment cranks it up a notch by considering ways your teens can have more meaningful Bible study and prayer times on their own […]

Should I Say Something (to my child/teen)?

Mother with daughter

I had a moment recently with one of my teenagers, but not one of those heart-warming moments that you see on a Hallmark channel movie. We had to have this “convo” (aka a “conversation” for those of us over 30) because there were some patterns I was seeing her demonstrate that I wanted to address. Nothing […]

Faith At Home: Teaching Kids to be Strong and Courageous


Who doesn’t love the biblical account of Daniel? It’s not every day we hear about young people acting boldly for their convictions. The choices Daniel made in his devotion to God are examples for all of us to follow. We see his stance in making wise choices and sticking to them—even in the face of ridicule! Children […]

Faith At Home: How to Calm Your Child-rearing Anxiety


Parenting is a challenge—no doubt! Many of us start trying to make decisions for our child’s welfare before they’re even born. Especially as new parents, we want to make best choices for their upbringing and decisions in life. This naturally brings about many questions as they’re growing up, such as: Should my preschooler attend day […]

Hope Beyond Depression, Part 3: Helpful Resources


This is Part 3 of a series related to my personal experience with depression twenty-five years ago. Today’s post focuses on resources that were helpful to me. My hope is that they’ll provide help to others struggling with depression. Although many pieces of my depressive experience are either cloudy or somehow “blocked” from my memory, […]