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Stress and Parenting

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Stress invades our lives. Parenting magnifies it. Single parenting makes it enormous. I had the opportunity to be a guest with Robert Beeson and Kimberly Mitchell on the Solo Parent Society podcast. We talk about the stress of raising children & teenagers on your own, along with practical steps to take for survival. These stress busting […]

How to Experience More Joy In Your Job This Year

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Returning to work after an extended holiday break can be rough, even for the most loyal employee. But the day-to-day “clocking in” can be daunting as well for those who simply don’t enjoy their line of work or place of employment. What can be done to remedy this sad situation? 3 simple tips to experience […]

My Small Steps to Big Weight Loss

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What do you consider your biggest enemy in the battle against weight loss? Time or desire to exercise? Goodies brought to the lunch room at work? Fat-laden chips in your home pantry? I agree that all these things make healthy living a challenge! Believe me, I’ve walked a marathon in miles only to see the […]

Moving Through the In-Between Times

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  The month of December tends to bring with it a type of “year in review” for many of us—contemplation about what has been vs. what can be in moving forward to new possibilities. As you prepare for the coming year, there are several important things you can do in-between Christmas and New Year’s Day […]

Home[bound] For the Holidays?


“Home for the Holidays” is one of the best Christmas songs ever recorded. I don’t know of many other lyrics that bring such a warm and cozy feeling straight to the heart—unless, of course, you’re not going home for the holidays. Ever been there? It was the winter of 1998. I was a fairly new […]

Breathe In Thankfulness. Breathe Out Stress.

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Life gets busy, bills pile up, schedules seem endless, and there are never enough hours in the day. Stress starts to build and the tiny, insignificant things suddenly become substantial and earth-shattering in our thoughts and feelings. When stress increases and life becomes overwhelming we often ask ourselves questions like, “When will this all slow […]

Faith at Home: Calming Children in a Scary World


Think of a recent dreadful event that made headline news. What was your initial response to it? Did it create a sense of fear and hopelessness in you? Did it make you afraid to continue your normal daily processes—wondering if something bad would happen to you or your family members? Unfortunately, children often experience similar […]

The “It” Factor


When did you become acquainted with our friend, “It?”  For me, it was sometime during college. It tends to linger in our thoughts for days, months, perhaps years. Long lines of traffic are the perfect time to think about it. Other days, it may sneak up on you during family conversations around the table. Regardless of the setting, […]

Putting Anxiety to Rest: Part 4 – “Coping Methods”


This is our final segment in this series on anxiety. We’ve looked at it in general terms of defining anxiety in Part 1. In Part 2, we considered how anxiety affects us in the workplace. We then looked at it in terms of relationships in Part 3. And now we’ll consider various coping methods. In […]

Putting Anxiety to Rest: Part 3 “How Anxiety Affects Relationships”

relationship couple yelling

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, anxiety is something that many people deal with each day. It not only affects the person suffering from it, but coworkers and those closest to the individual as well. We often think we live in isolation—where our personal issues don’t interfere with the rest of our lives—but […]