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How to Love Beyond a Big Box of Chocolates

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I grew up in a small farm town. Life was simple, uncomplicated, and sometimes magical. Valentine’s Day was one of those holidays when there was magic in the air, maybe it was the hope of love in the air. One of my favorite memories was of the huge heart display that appeared every year in […]

Ease Up Difficult Communication with Your Teen This Year

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In our generation of cell phones, text messages, and conversations on screen—communication has never been so easy. If you need an answer to any given question, Google® it! Want to talk with a family member, but not get tied up on a long phone call? Text them! Want to play music hands-free throughout your home? […]

Looking for change? Try this.


Change. We all yearn for it and at times we dread it, but it is an ever present part of our lives. Encountering change is front and center each January. New year, new you; Best year ever; Meet your goals…all these phrases promising change with the hope of something “better.” I’ve learned that in my […]

Moving Through the In-Between Times

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  The month of December tends to bring with it a type of “year in review” for many of us—contemplation about what has been vs. what can be in moving forward to new possibilities. As you prepare for the coming year, there are several important things you can do in-between Christmas and New Year’s Day […]

How to Financially Survive the Holidays (on a tight budget)!

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Are you thriving or barely surviving the holidays when it comes to finances? As we finish out this Christmas season and look toward the new year, let’s consider a few questions in our planning when it comes to holiday spending for the months ahead. How much does it really take to get through the holidays for you and […]

How to Experience Remarkable Recovery Over the Holidays

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Whether you’re new to recovery or have been clean and sober for many years, the holiday season can present a challenge to your previous addictions. Even those who feel they have the issue conquered can still experience flare-ups due to the intensity of the Christmas season. Here are some tips for maintaining your sobriety during […]

Is More Enough? Or Simply Just More?


We normally think of a reflection as someone looking at himself in a mirror. But sometimes, with much embarrassment and shame, we see (and hear) our true hearts reflected through the comments of our children. Kids pick up a lot of words and values from what they notice in our behavior and words to others. […]

In Memory of Mom: “Christmas Tea Ring”


My wonderful mom passed away just a few months ago, which still doesn’t seem possible. As I think about Christmastime, I can’t help but remember some of the special (sweet) ways Mom made our holidays special year after year in her home. This post is dedicated in memory of her. What’s your favorite treat when it comes to the […]

Grasping the Promises of Christmas


Despite what some people say, promises are not meant to be broken. In fact, we look to God for all truth, and He is one to always keeps His promises! What a comfort this is in a world that’s otherwise unstable in its guarantees. One example of God’s promises came to us in the form […]

Home[bound] For the Holidays?


“Home for the Holidays” is one of the best Christmas songs ever recorded. I don’t know of many other lyrics that bring such a warm and cozy feeling straight to the heart—unless, of course, you’re not going home for the holidays. Ever been there? It was the winter of 1998. I was a fairly new […]