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Grasping the Promises of Christmas


Despite what some people say, promises are not meant to be broken. In fact, we look to God for all truth, and He is one to always keeps His promises! What a comfort this is in a world that’s otherwise unstable in its guarantees. One example of God’s promises came to us in the form […]

Home[bound] For the Holidays?

home hol girl santa

“Home for the Holidays” is one of the best Christmas songs ever recorded. I don’t know of many other lyrics that bring such a warm and cozy feeling straight to the heart—unless, of course, you’re not going home for the holidays. Ever been there? It was the winter of 1998. I was a fairly new […]

Breathe In Thankfulness. Breathe Out Stress.

breathe eyes closed female

Life gets busy, bills pile up, schedules seem endless, and there are never enough hours in the day. Stress starts to build and the tiny, insignificant things suddenly become substantial and earth-shattering in our thoughts and feelings. When stress increases and life becomes overwhelming we often ask ourselves questions like, “When will this all slow […]

The Scarcity of Abundance


  Soon we will begin to hear about Black Friday shopping and the anticipated early morning rush to department stores that will likely result in injured customers and destroyed merchandise. The madness of anticipated scarcity is a powerful force that drives people to push, shove, yell, and grab like it is the end of the […]

Trouble Sleeping? Try Counting Your Blessings!

insom man w cell phone

How do you most often think about thankfulness? Around this time of year, we often have images of families giving thanks around a big meal being served. It’s an image of peace and connection with our families, which is a great thing! But I want to suggest a non-traditional approach to a practice in gratitude […]

Does Thankfulness Really Matter?

thankful lady yellow leaves

We’ve all heard the saying: “Have an attitude of gratitude!” But why bother? After all, some days we just don’t feel thankful! Besides that, can feeling grateful—or showing thankful actions toward others—cause any real beneficial impacts for anyone? A few years ago, I heard one man’s testimony that did just that! This man is like […]

Staying Home for Fall Break?


I know, it seems like the kids just went back to school but it’s already time for Fall Break. So now, what are parents to do with a week full of time and children on their hands? Well, that may depend on the ages of your kids, but I’ve listed a few ideas below to help […]

The Homeschool Decision

homeschool mom with two kids

The question of whether or not to homeschool your children is one that brings a lot of debate in many circles. It is certainly not for everyone, and also not an option for many. But for some, it’s their “best yes” when it comes to making academic choices for their children. I absolutely do not […]

Faith At Home: “Beyond the Bunny” Celebrating Easter with Younger Children


Easter is an exciting time of celebration with kids! Cute outfits, family lunches, egg hunts, and baskets full of Easter candy. It’s no wonder why young children enjoy the festivities surrounding this holiday. Fun activities are a great time of enjoyment. And as Christian families, we can add even more to this special time of year by […]

Bringing Light to the Darkness of Winter


Darkness is great when you’re trying to sleep at night! But when nightfall starts creeping in before 5:00 p.m.—as often happens during winter months—it can be rather depressive for many people. Normally, I enjoy walking on paths close to my home during evening hours after supper. But this time of year doesn’t allow for that, […]