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Does Thankfulness Really Matter?

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We’ve all heard the saying: “Have an attitude of gratitude!” But why bother? After all, some days we just don’t feel thankful! Besides that, can feeling grateful—or showing thankful actions toward others—cause any real beneficial impacts for anyone? A few years ago, I heard one man’s testimony that did just that! This man is like […]

Teaching Kids the Importance of Forgiveness

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Are you familiar with the childhood game often referred to as “Got you last”?  The object of this game is to tag someone and then run away from them as fast as possible while yelling, “Got you last!”  The final person to be tagged is considered the loser until they tag someone else. This game […]

Keeping Alive Those Who Have Passed

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It’s just another day on the calendar for most people, but for me July 31st will always be thought of as Daddy’s birthday!  Since experiencing the loss of my dad ten years ago, I’m realizing how the celebration of one’s life goes well beyond that person’s lifetime. It never just ends with their memorial service. […]

Seeing the Up- and Downside of Social Media Use with Teens


There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about teens and their use of smartphones and social media. Most of us have heard horror stories about cyberbullying, “sexting,” and other risky online behaviors. For parents, this information can feel overwhelming. How do we compete with the powerful lure of “likes” on social […]

Five Small Shifts in Your Home That Will Make a Big Difference

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If you are hoping for growth in more than vocabulary and math this new school year for your children and teens, here are five areas to consider where little shifts will create big differences. Car rides.   Conversations may normally happen face-to-face, but if you really want to get the words flowing, drive your kids/teens somewhere […]

How to Talk with Your Kids About Sex

sex talk

It’s that question parents universally dread hearing from their child’s mouth, “Mommy, what’s sex?” From the back seat of my car this inquiry sounded loud and clear from my five-year-old son’s mouth. At the time, we were driving toward his school that morning when he decided it was the perfect time to get his question […]

When Violence Hits Home

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Are you close to someone who is in an abusive relationship? Do you struggle in knowing how to help them? Basic human nature is to help those who are hurting. The Bible mentions this as well in Romans 12:15 where the apostle Paul tells us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those […]

How to Stay Connected While Working [Alone] from Home

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Think about this work situation: The commute is a mere thirty feet to your destination. You have your own private garage to park in. The dress code is of your choosing—yoga pants, t-shirts, or even a robe and house slippers! Also, you can take lunch breaks anytime, anywhere, and for any length of your choosing. Sound like […]

Healthy Homes Aren’t Just about Food

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Have you thought about leading your household to better health—beyond the gym? As we all know, diet plans come and go. Some work while others provide quick fixes that are soon forgotten. You may have heard the saying: “It won’t stick until it becomes a lifestyle.” So it is with eating and exercise. But what […]

Faith at Home: Partnering in Matters of Faith

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Reminder to self—it’s not just about me! Often, I get so wrapped up in my own requests of God that I have to be very intentional about praying for others, or including them in matters of faith. Personal prayer and Bible reading is important—actually, vital—to our individual relationship with the Lord. We’re reminded of this in […]