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Healthy Homes Aren’t Just about Food

man cutting up peppers

Have you thought about leading your household to better health—beyond the gym? As we all know, diet plans come and go. Some work while others provide quick fixes that are soon forgotten. You may have heard the saying: “It won’t stick until it becomes a lifestyle.” So it is with eating and exercise. But what […]

Dads Do Things Differently!

Happy father and his adorable little daughter at tropical beach having fun

“Throw me in the air again, Daddy!” You may remember making similar requests of your dad as you were growing up. There’s little argument that most dads interact differently than moms do with their children. Some of this relational time is through play; other is through communication efforts. But one thing stands out—dads do about […]

The Impact of a Spiritual Legacy

dad son walk just legs

Dads, do you ever think of the legacy you’ll one day leave with your children? The word “inheritance” is usually associated with material possessions, but there is another kind of legacy that’s even more valuable. Although it can’t be seen, counted, or measured, a spiritual inheritance is the most priceless gift you can pass on […]

The “It” Factor

man with book bag

When did you become acquainted with our friend, “It?”  For me, it was sometime during college. It tends to linger in our thoughts for days, months, perhaps years. Long lines of traffic are the perfect time to think about it. Other days, it may sneak up on you during family conversations around the table. Regardless of the setting, […]

Getting Back Up: A Look at Brokenness

coyote 700

Do you remember the cartoon series The Coyote and Road Runner Show? It was always fun to watch the relentless chase between the two characters. Recently, some images from this cartoon came to my mind when I was thinking about a very difficult situation I endured several years ago. You may be wondering what’s the correlation between […]

Should I Say Something (to my child/teen)?

Mother with daughter

I had a moment recently with one of my teenagers, but not one of those heart-warming moments that you see on a Hallmark channel movie. We had to have this “convo” (aka a “conversation” for those of us over 30) because there were some patterns I was seeing her demonstrate that I wanted to address. Nothing […]

Why Pre-Marital Counseling?

engaged holding hands

Do you ever wonder why some couples have better communication skills and intimacy from day one of their marriage, while others seem to crater within the first year? Or why some of your married friends make it through difficult times better than other couples you know? According to a February 2017 article The Trends Redefining […]

Moving Forward as You Wait—Part 2


In Part 1 of this series, we looked at several life events that cause us distressful waiting periods for something to happen. Each event can either bring a great amount of worry and agitation, or joy in knowing God is working out the timing for our good. In which camp do you most often reside? […]

Faith At Home: How to Calm Your Child-rearing Anxiety


Parenting is a challenge—no doubt! Many of us start trying to make decisions for our child’s welfare before they’re even born. Especially as new parents, we want to make best choices for their upbringing and decisions in life. This naturally brings about many questions as they’re growing up, such as: Should my preschooler attend day […]

Moving Forward as You Wait—Part 1


Everyone is waiting for something. Regardless of where you are in life—at home tending to young children, or climbing the ladder of success in your career—we’re all wondering when that next something is going to come about. What is it you’re anticipating the chance to see or hear at this very moment, and the delay […]