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Seeing the Up- and Downside of Social Media Use with Teens


There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about teens and their use of smartphones and social media. Most of us have heard horror stories about cyberbullying, “sexting,” and other risky online behaviors. For parents, this information can feel overwhelming. How do we compete with the powerful lure of “likes” on social […]

Five Small Shifts in Your Home That Will Make a Big Difference

kids texting back to back

If you are hoping for growth in more than vocabulary and math this new school year for your children and teens, here are five areas to consider where little shifts will create big differences. Car rides.   Conversations may normally happen face-to-face, but if you really want to get the words flowing, drive your kids/teens somewhere […]

Faith at Home: Growing Children in Biblical Obedience

defiant pouty boy

“Why do I have to obey you?” This question comes up millions of times every day—from people of all ages. Children ask it of parents. Parents ask it of employers. And we all ask it of God. This lesson to obey—or not—goes back to the Garden of Eden, showing that it’s been a tough one […]

How to Rest in Life’s Margins


Are you late almost everywhere you go? Do you see yourself coming and going? If so, you may be missing restful margins in your life. Margins are considered boundaries of protection for our souls against the craziness of society’s fast pace. We’re racing through a lifestyle where busyness and exhaustion are considered status symbols. Productivity […]

How to survive Christmas vacation (with family)


Christmastime with the family. You either love it or hate it! If you have a family member (or two, or three) that you consider more naughty than nice, it’s often hard to have a “holly jolly Christmas” with them in the mix! No doubt, it can be rough tolerating the holidays with those we don’t […]

What is an Intensive?


Joan Bruce, LMFT discusses what is an intensive. She and Kay Arnold, LPC, NCC will be leading a series of Daring Way Intensives this spring. Click here to access our events page to find out the next one offered.