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Breathe In Thankfulness. Breathe Out Stress.

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Life gets busy, bills pile up, schedules seem endless, and there are never enough hours in the day. Stress starts to build and the tiny, insignificant things suddenly become substantial and earth-shattering in our thoughts and feelings. When stress increases and life becomes overwhelming we often ask ourselves questions like, “When will this all slow […]

Getting a Grip on School Time Anxiety

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Anxiety. The word alone can bring to surface intense apprehension, feeling “on edge,” and overall worry. Add to it the thought of heading back to school with extraordinary pressures from teachers, peers, and homework deadlines. It’s no wonder many kids literally freak out when school begins each fall! Often, the word anxiety is used flippantly […]

Anxiety In Children

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Fearful, timid, uneasy, and panicked are words we don’t normally associate with childhood. Instead, we think of a child’s characteristics as fun-loving, peaceful, and brave. Every child goes through various stages in life where they explore, grow, and develop into who they are supposed to be. During this time, children are learning about themselves—their likes […]

Faith at Home: Calming Children in a Scary World

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Think of a recent dreadful event that made headline news. What was your initial response to it? Did it create a sense of fear and hopelessness in you? Did it make you afraid to continue your normal daily processes—wondering if something bad would happen to you or your family members? Unfortunately, children often experience similar […]

Faith At Home: Helping Kids Trust God When They’re Afraid

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Fear is something all humans face. From the time we’re babies, there are things that scare us—real or imagined. For children, fright can be an overwhelming emotion! It’s hard to be courageous when our knees are trembling! During the elementary years, anxieties turn from imaginary circumstances (such as scary monsters under the bed) to more internal […]

Putting Anxiety to Rest: Part 4 – “Coping Methods”

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This is our final segment in this series on anxiety. We’ve looked at it in general terms of defining anxiety in Part 1. In Part 2, we considered how anxiety affects us in the workplace. We then looked at it in terms of relationships in Part 3. And now we’ll consider various coping methods. In […]

Putting Anxiety to Rest: Part 3 “How Anxiety Affects Relationships”

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As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, anxiety is something that many people deal with each day. It not only affects the person suffering from it, but coworkers and those closest to the individual as well. We often think we live in isolation—where our personal issues don’t interfere with the rest of our lives—but […]

Putting Anxiety to Rest: Part 2 “Coping with Anxiety in the Workplace”

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In Part 1 of this series, we learned that true anxiety is something that affects our thoughts and behavior in such a way that we are debilitated in our daily functioning. Normal job stress—meeting deadlines, talking with clients, being prepared, balancing your workload—is considered typical workplace unease. But, if anxiety-related concerns impede on your ability to […]

Putting Anxiety to Rest: Part 1—Anxiety Defined

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What is that all-consuming dreaded “something” for you? You know—the thing that starts your stomach churning and palms sweating at the first thought of it coming up on your agenda? For me, the number one dread of all dreads is flying. I absolutely hate it! So, when I know of a trip coming up when […]

Finding Joy in the Storms of Life

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Dark and stormy nights don’t just happen in fiction novels. Challenges of life seem to creep up on us with surprise just like a mid-summer storm—many times with frightening sounds and overwhelming waves that can paralyze us with fear and hopelessness. The great news is that God is faithful to provide His hand of protection […]