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My Small Steps to Big Weight Loss

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What do you consider your biggest enemy in the battle against weight loss? Time or desire to exercise? Goodies brought to the lunch room at work? Fat-laden chips in your home pantry? I agree that all these things make healthy living a challenge! Believe me, I’ve walked a marathon in miles only to see the […]

Looking for change? Try this.


Change. We all yearn for it and at times we dread it, but it is an ever present part of our lives. Encountering change is front and center each January. New year, new you; Best year ever; Meet your goals…all these phrases promising change with the hope of something “better.” I’ve learned that in my […]

How to Experience Remarkable Recovery Over the Holidays

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Whether you’re new to recovery or have been clean and sober for many years, the holiday season can present a challenge to your previous addictions. Even those who feel they have the issue conquered can still experience flare-ups due to the intensity of the Christmas season. Here are some tips for maintaining your sobriety during […]

Seeing the Up- and Downside of Social Media Use with Teens


There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about teens and their use of smartphones and social media. Most of us have heard horror stories about cyberbullying, “sexting,” and other risky online behaviors. For parents, this information can feel overwhelming. How do we compete with the powerful lure of “likes” on social […]