Walking from the back yard towards the garage, I heard a chorus of children voicing a simple request…

Will you jump on the trampoline with us?

My mind instantly flashed through every undone task, and after a momentary hesitation I responded simply with “yes”. Ashamedly, I didn’t deserve the squeals of delight that instantly drifted across the bright green grass surrounding us. The inner tension between the desire to get things done for our trip and satisfying the yearnings of my children should not have been so strong. Hesitation or not, the entire neighborhood could hear their excitement.

Their shrill tones actually caught me off guard. Not because of the volume or pitch, but that it was identical to the sounds that echoed through our home when big things happen. Like when someone blows out the candles on a birthday cake or when we announce we’re going to Disney World.

Then it hit me…

Instantly I felt a wave of guilt crashing over me. Thoughts of all the extra jobs taken in the name of earning money to do something “really special” for them. The late nights in the office to finish the work in order to have some time off for a big trip.

Thankfully they taught me that day the big moments aren’t the ones that really matter. Sure the man in the mouse costume is incredible and time on the beach is nice, but what they really want is time with dear old dad (or mom).

I instantly thought of my relationship with God, my heavenly father. It is easy to find ourselves in the same cycle of being incredibly busy doing the work all around, while telling Him there is something really big planned if He’ll wait a little longer.

Just like my children, I don’t think He’s waiting for us to do something really big and special. He simply wants to spend time with us too.