I know, it seems like the kids just went back to school but it’s already time for Fall Break. So now, what are parents to do with a week full of time and children on their hands? Well, that may depend on the ages of your kids, but I’ve listed a few ideas below to help you survive a “Fall Staycation” with the fam.

Depending on your financial resources, time availability, consider some of these ideas to build in fun times with your family next week—without breaking the bank:

  1. Get Your Grillin’ On
    Post a simple type of sign in your yard by mid-week to advertise the fun for neighbors to join in. Everyone can pitch in to bring enough food for their own family. This is a great way to have the right amount for all to enjoy.
  1. Pick Two (or three)
    As a family, choose several new-to-you places to eat out this week. It can’t be a place you normally go to. Remember, you’re “vacationing” at home, so make it feel unique to the week.
  2. Camping and/or Fishing
    This time of year could be prime time to enjoy the outdoors day and night with your family.
  1. Netflix Marathon’in
    Sometimes the weather this time of year doesn’t cooperate with our outdoor plans. That’s ok; you can adapt. Kids and teens may want to binge-watch some of their favorite shows they don’t have time to watch during the school year when they’re having to study so much. This makes for some fun late-night activity as well.
  1. Get Rolling!
    Pull your kids off their electronics for a few hours and get them moving—on wheels (or blades)! Roller- or ice skating is not only fun, but great physical activity for everyone. Adults, you should join in on this fun to create fun memories you’ll enjoy for years. There are locations around most cities and suburbs for either or both of these activities if kids don’t own their personal pair of wheels.
  1. Picnic & playtime at the park
    For those with younger children in tow, it’s hard to beat time at the park. Invite other family members or friends with young kids who are staying local this week to join in the fun!
  1. Movies
    Check out matinee or evening movies (without too much horror, bad language, or questionable content) for all family members to enjoy together. Some theatres offer great bargains mid-week during daytime hours, so plan ahead and save money for concession treats! Yum!
  1. Sleepovers
    It may feel like you’re the only family not going somewhere “fun” for fall break, but that’s not actually true. Your kids probably have several local friends who can enjoy the fun of sleepover parties this week while their parents are busy with work. So, load up the pantry with popcorn, soft drinks, and chips and just go with it!
  1. Activity Centers
    Check your area for recreation centers offering all kinds of fun things to do as a family, or for groups of kids. Many centers offer activities such as miniature golf, batting cages, climbing walls, arcade games, and even laser tag options.
  1. Local Entertainment
    Most cities offer fun activities suitable for all age groups. Check out local listings of activities going on in your area of town this week. And then, pick and choose which ones are do-able for your family.


For more staycation ideas:  http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/family/articles/fall-family-staycation