What do you consider your biggest enemy in the battle against weight loss? Time or desire to exercise? Goodies brought to the lunch room at work? Fat-laden chips in your home pantry?

I agree that all these things make healthy living a challenge! Believe me, I’ve walked a marathon in miles only to see the scale give the exact same report when I weighed in. So discouraging! Weight loss can be difficult, for sure!

But this past year I discovered something “by accident” that ended up having a huge impact on my body weight—for the better! It surprised me and may come as a surprise to you as well.

Seems the true enemy of weight loss isn’t fat—but sugar! I’ve always assumed that fat (foods) created fat bodies until I made a choice one Spring that changed my mind and my body very quickly.

At this particular time, my mom had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She decided to go with a natural route of management with that disease. Her doctors put her on an extremely strict diet, reducing sugar almost completely. It was an extreme change in her diet, but we saw how it did help a great deal with her quality of life.

So, in an effort of becoming healthier myself, I decided to adopt this same regimen with my diet except with a few adjustments. I would do my best to cut obvious forms of sugar through the weekdays (Monday-Thursday), and then relax on the routine over the weekends since that’s when we normally went out to eat. By obvious forms of sugar, I’m referring to sweetened drinks, candies, desserts, any food item with a high content form of sugar. I also decreased my bread consumption since it easily turns to sugar once in the body.

First Corinthians chapter six explains how our bodies are the temple of God. We’re not to use or abuse them in ways that would be displeasing to the Lord. Obedience to this biblical mandate, I believe, comes about in many forms—food being one of them.

My thought with this new plan was that I could control the intake of sugar best at home through the week rather than try fighting the unknowns of restaurant foods over the weekends.

The main idea was to feel better and actually be healthier. What I got in return were those things, plus weight loss! The significant reduction of sugar from my diet through the week immediately started showing up on the scale, in my clothes, and obviously on my body. I felt lighter on my feet because I was lighter—to the tune of twenty-five pounds! It came off pretty quickly, and I’m nearing the two-year point now of when I started this lifestyle change.

I wish you the best in your weight management for the coming year!

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