Expressways To Learning® (ETL) is an Education Company addressing the needs of children and adults who are creative, athletic, intuitive sensitive and gifted. Learning Differently sometimes displays signs of ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia,  Autism or Aspergers. ETL is an Alternative to Traditional Tutoring and a ” Fitness Center for the Brain.”  This comprehensive system provides computer software is for Home Study Enrichment opportunities monitored in real time by ETL coaches along with ACT/SAT Prep, Adult Literacy and ESL for English Language Learners. Brain Fitness Memory Games for Adults are also NOW AVAILABLE and recommended to increase memory and attention. In addition, ETL provides diagnostic testing for Irlen Spectral Filters using colored overlays and lenses for light sensitivity based upon research now in 46 countries. For more information contact Lucy Karen Clay at (615) 851-9703 or visit our web site at