The Daring Way™ Intensives offered by clinicians Joan Bruce and Kay Arnold,  have impacted so many in the last few years. It is our desire to continually evaluate how we use this amazing material to help others in their efforts to:

Show up,

Be Seen,

and Live Brave™.

In the Daring Way Intensive you’ll learn:

  • The critical role vulnerability plays in our lives 
  • How to know who is worthy of our trust
  • How the four major myths of vulnerability undermine our bravery
  • How fear, blame, and scarcity drive “I am not enough” 
  • How shame works, and the four elements of shame resilience
  • How to identify the values we hold most sacred and why knowing them is important
  • The critical role that self-compassion and empathy play in daring greatly
  • Strategies moving forward that can help the way we live, love, parent and lead

We are excited that you are considering us to walk alongside in the journey to Show Up | Be Seen | Live Brave™. Ready to register for the next event? Click (here) to search for the nextDaring Way™ event.

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